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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Inter-Techno Co., Ltd. shall protect the following privacy rights in accordance with the personal information protection policy, and give the best effort to gain stronger credibility through daily business practices.

  1. Inter-Techno shall give the best effort to manage the customers’ personal information appropriately by assigning Confidential Information Protection Managers at divisions and departments handling personal customer information (hereinafter “personal information”) gathered from customers.
  2. Upon collecting required personal information from customers, customers shall receive notification from Inter-Techno on the purpose of the personal information collected, the contact information of the customer service desk at Inter-Techno, and the scope of companies which Inter-Techno provides information to.
  3. Inter-Techno shall appropriately manage personal information from customers, and will not disclose personal information to a third party other than those approved by customers.
  4. Inter-Techno enforces the third party – companies receiving customers’ personal information approved by customers, mentioned above in 3. to manage the customers’ personal information appropriately according to legal contract, in order to avoid leakage and redistribution.
  5. Inter-Techno may distribute emails to customers regarding information on Inter-Techno’s services in the interest of the customers. Customers may cancel such email distribution by contacting Inter-Techno.
  6. Customers may contact the customer service desk to refuse disclosure, correction, and use of personal information. Inter-Techno shall immediately respond to such requests within the limit considered to be reasonable.
  7. Inter-Techno shall obey the rules and standards applicable to the personal information it possesses, and will continuously adjust and improve them according to the rules above.
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