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Product Support

Product Support

If you have any concerns, please first refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” and “Product Manual”.
Should the problem persist, please contact us through the “contact form” below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions from customers are divided into pre-purchase and post-purchase categories.

Can it print and make finishing cuts?

The unit cuts and creates finished products out of paper sheets printed from your existing computer and laser printer.

What can it cut besides business cards?

It produces 26 varieties of finishes such as two-fold point cards and shop cards, perforated tickets, credit card sized cards, post cards and center creased reply-paid post cards; A4 sheets split into thirds, fourths, sixths, and eighths. Please refer to the imposition templates in the catalog for more details.

How are products supported in cases of malfunction?

Repairs will be made without any charge within the warranty period up to 6 months from the date of purchase, in accordance with the details on the warranty certificate.
In cases of malfunction, please contact your dealer immediately. If needed, the unit will be serviced promptly through our “offsite support” service. (Offsite support: a temporary replacement will be delivered to the user while the malfunctioning unit is sent back to the support center for repair)

Can this unit alone produce 26 types of finishing cuts?

The slitter unit for the standard Japanese business card is included with the CM26+ base unit. If finishing cuts other than the standard Japanese business card are required, please purchase our optional slitter units which suit your needs.

Aren’t slitter units difficult to replace?

Since the strength of the CM26+ is in the wide variety of finishing cuts it provides, it has been designed to accommodate frequent slitter unit replacement. Switch slitter units easily in 20 seconds with only a single thumbscrew and no tools.

What are the compatible paper sizes?

Generally, the A4 sized sheet is the only compatible paper size.
The feed tray can be adjusted to fit A4 sized sheets (210mm width) as well as 200mm sheets, and it is also compatible with postal 4-post card sheets (200mm x 296mm). Separately sold optional slitter units are required for 4-post card sheets.

Can it cut layouts other than the 26 impositions listed in the catalog?

According to standard specification, the unit has been designed to cut 26 finishes as mentioned in the imposition templates.
However, depending on the combination of the cut mode and slitter unit, it is possible to produce cuts that are not listed in the imposition templates.
In addition, (1) requested cut programs can be pre-programmed as cut mode 10 with lateral size adjustments in the paper feed direction prior to shipping, for an additional cost. (2) Custom slitter units are available for width adjustments in the shorter side of the paper as well. Please feel free to contact us for consultation as some adjustment requests cannot be made.

Are there any tools to create imposition layouts?

Imposition templates can be downloaded with the Illustrator program (U.S. Adobe System) for both Windows and Macintosh.

If the above FAQ do not resolve the issue, please contact us

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